Construction Payments as a Competitive Advantage

Lead the Construction Industry with Innovation
Save Money

Offer an Effective Solution for Local Hire and Local Procure Agreements

Reduce Construction Project Costs and Risks

Offer an Effective Solution for Local Hire and Local Procure Agreements

Reduce Construction Project Costs and Risks

problem with trade finance during purchasing of construction materials

Project Owners are Overpaying for Construction Materials

Subcontractor bids reflect expensive financing embedded in construction materials

Difference in financing cost as provided by materials suppliers to subcontractors in much higher than financing provided by project owners
financing  access  for subcontractors is a problem

Subcontractors have Limited Financing Options

Poor access to financing leads to cash flow problems. Subcontractors that are small or from underrepresented groups are subject to barriers that reflect both commercial realities and human bias

SBE MBE and DBE have limited access to trade credit and are unbanked
solution to problem of access and cost to financing access during purchasing of construction materials

Owners Insert Their Financing to Replace Trade Credit

Eliminate financing duplication costs and financing barriers. Chipi enables owners to insert their capital into the construction materials purchasing process risk-free. This eliminates a layer of financing costs and creates financing access for targeted subcontractors.


The cash flow requirements are filled by upstream team members such as the GC, Lender, or developer with direct and real-time payments to the value-chain endpoint such as the frontline sub or materials supplier
impact of having owners of construction projects insert their financing during materials purchasing

Remove Barriers and Intercept Problems Day 1

Financial problems never start. Project risks born of contractors’ liquidity challenges are addressed at day 1

Chipi's solution is faster than factoring, reverse factoring, dynamic discounting, supply chain finance, invoice finance, PO financing, receivables finance, net 15 payment plans, and payment applications

Increase Capacity

Subcontractors and Suppliers are Capital Constrained. Confidently award more work to subcontractors because their main capital constraint – purchasing materials with cash flow or supplier credit – is no longer a factor.

SBE suppliers have only so much access to capital to supply trade credit to your subs.

Removing capital requirements to purchase construction materials will enable SBE/XBE subcontractors to add production capacity and SBE/XBE suppliers to sell more materials
Offer a solution that will address workforce agreements and please communities, municipalities, and unions

Community Workforce Agreements Solved

Easily overcome the hurdle of equitable financing access. Offer an effective and easily understood solution that will demonstrate your commitment to workforce diversity and inclusion agreements. Please communities, municipalities, and unions that encompass your project.

Fulfill local hire goals (SBE, Micro), BIPOC goals, Targeted Disadvantaged Worker goals, Minority-Owned Businesses and Woman-Owned Businesses goals, and VOBE, DBE, LGBTQ, and XBE goals. 

Attract Customers

Workforce Agreement Solved. Asset owners need solutions as part of their community and municipal workforce agreements.

Offer a solution that is easy to understand and deploy, has high efficacy and direct impact, and delivers positive economic and social returns.

An innovative and effective solution to fulfilling and succeeding at workforce agreements will draw customers with new construction projects
Pre-lien and mechanics liens from materials suppliers are eliminated

Eliminate Lien Workflows and Lien Risks from Suppliers

Eliminate legal risks. Chipi eliminates trade credit and hence the need for lien workflows or filings as it relates to suppliers

35% of Construction Firms file liens

During COVID’s initial outbreak, lien filings grew 40% demonstrating the sensitivity and vulnerability of construction finances


Expand Your Workforce

Discover Hidden SBE’s. Labor supply will reveal itself once financial barriers are removed

Making it easy for people to enter the industry and join your team is a market solution that will generate a market response

Fixing the labor shortage problem is within reach

Expand the construction workforce
collaboration no longer disrupted by difficult conversations about payments

Collaboration, a New Possibility

Remove a large communication barrier – payments.  Collaborate openly without the background pressure to pay or get paid as soon as possible.

Collaboration is the #1 requirement for success.


API Integration

Request our API’s to integrate into your ERP, payment application, or draw control systems

API is available for ERP and accounting integration

Introduce an Innovation that will Differentiate your Company

Unlock your production capacity by removing capital limits and barriers.

Help Project Owners Benefit From Their Financing Scale